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Yes, Kathleen Shimp has a fashion blog, and this is it, here and now. You have found it.

A Gaga- McQueen thought...

By belavrana · May 30, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

OK, Lady Gaga's song "Born This Way"- it's a good tune, good message and all that.

Then you have a lot of people saying it sounds like Madonna's "Express Yourself"- and that's true.

Then I read Lady Gaga said Alexander McQueen worked through her from the grave, and "Born This Way" was actually written by him.  People said that was awful for her to say and she's capitalizing on his death, etc.

But if you think about it, now it makes sense why Gaga who is a pretty talented songwriter produced something that sounds so much like an old Madonna song. McQueen wasn't a song writer that I know of. He was a fashion designer. So, if he were going to write a song, it probably would sound a lot like one that already exists. Seriously. That usually happens when folks who aren't songwriters try to write songs.

But no matter what, it seems to me from the perspective of one who has never met either of these people, that Gaga was pretty devastated by McQueen's suicide. Saying he wrote a song through her may be the best way she can cope and come to terms with it.

So, yeah. Just a thought I had. Makes sense to me, who knows...

What Type of Fashion Blog is this?

By belavrana · January 31, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

What type of fashion blog is this?

One that doesn't update very often.

Yes, OK, but aside from that...

"Personal Style"? No. I'd have to be posting pics of my outfits all the time, right? I might like to do that, but I haven't been. This COULD be a personal style blog, but it isn't one at the moment.

It's not "Celebrity Style" since I don't care any more about what celebs wear than what folks on the street wear- and it will definitely not be "Street Style" as I don't go walking around looking for peeps to take pics of. I'm shy, and don't live in a big enough city, really.

But if I want to talk about a celeb's outfit, I will.

And if I ever do take street style pics, hey, I would blog about them.

I'm not going to be all Industry newsy I guess, either, since I'm not connected and famous and well-known. At least not at the moment.

But I like to talk about the latest, whenever that is what I want to talk about...

I like to talk about things as well as show them.

I like to talk about concepts and all that. Artsy stuff. Fashion theory. Philosophy of fashion or something.

And I also like to just be silly sometimes, or just be.


So, this blog is whatever type of blog it is.

Or isn't.


Sparkle Uggs are still Uggs

By belavrana · January 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Sparkle Uggs- covered in sequins, but still the same basic design.

Women's Classic Short Sparkles

$170.00 by UGG at UGG Australia


They may be covered in sequins, but they have the same basic design. And I suspect the sequins won't hold up if worn in the snow.

However after the Jimmy Choo Uggs, this sparkle version looks a bit more dignified. And the sequins do give them just enough extra that they aren't just Uggs.

I like black sequins pretty well, really. They glitter without overwhelming.

I think I'd actually wear these, in black. Not all the time, and not in snow, though.

Two years ago

By belavrana · November 11, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Was apparently the last time I did much with the Daily Makeover site, where you can do virtual makeovers as well as look at articles about beauty in general.

That is how old the most recent pics are that I made there. (Until today.)

I'm surprised it had been that long, as it is fun to play around with.

Here are some of the old pics I rediscovered:

It does look like fun, doesn't it?

It is, and I can't believe forgot that.

I'll be making and posting some new ones.


Halloween Socks

By belavrana · November 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I love Halloween-themed socks, especially those with black cats on them. I wear them all year.

Here are some I've worn lately.

I wore these today.


Wore these yesterday. And yes, there's hair on my legs. But not much, so deal with it.


This pair is one of my real favorites, with all those adorable kitty faces.


This is a very similar, but different pair, worn with some snazzy leopard-print PJ's and neon pink Enzo Angiolini flats.


And while I'm posting kitty-cat socks, here's another pair, with kitty slippers, too.




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I've been thinking

By belavrana · October 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Thinking too much and not writing/posting.

Yeah, that sounds like me.

Some things I've been thinking about are:

The Spring/Summer 2011 shows, especially from Paris Fashion Week and most especially Chanel.

Whether or not I can be a "Petite" fashion blogger. Are petite bloggers a totally different species, or not?

Exactly why some people get all eager for older designers to retire. And how much it annoys me. And why it annoys me so much.

Whether or not it matters for women's self-esteem that a lot of male fashion designers are gay. Why the reasons people often give for it mattering are not even true anyway. The fact that some models themselves actually like gender ambiguity. Why people insist that someone has to be either gay or straight, when they might in fact be bisexual. What sexuality does and doesn't have to do with fashion.


And lots of other stuff.

Fashion Bug stores brought back junior sizes!

By belavrana · September 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Oh by the way, a few weeks back, I'd been by the shopping center where my local Fashion Bug store is, and noticed they had a sign saying "Junior Sizes are back!" I haven't been in yet to see for myself, but I'm pleased. If I hadn't already spent too much money, I'd have checked it out by now, but I'm afraid walking in there will be dangerous to my bank balance.

Where'd you get those Ugg-ly Choos?

By belavrana · September 16, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I just read a post at Capitol Hill Style, one of many bits I've read lately about the Jimmy Choo Uggs.

As you are likely aware, the results of this collaboration have been met with nearly universal revulsion. The most frequent word to come up in blog posts on the subject is "bedazzler", as in, you could just get a regular pair of Uggs, or even a cheaper brand of shearling boots, and go to town on them with a bedazzler, and they'd look at least as good, if not better.

Jimmy Choo Ugg Studded Boot

$795.00 by Jimmy Choo at Footcandy


Hey, if you want to buy them, it's your money. Go ahead. Be fashionable but not stylish.

There is much lamentation that such a chic label as Jimmy Choo not only teamed up with a brand now out of style for a few years, but seem to have just thrown a drawer full of craft supplies at the boots to see what would stick, rather than any real designing.  Well, if you ask me, the last year or two Jimmy Choo isn't what it once was anyway, even if they got a mention in Lady Gaga's "Fashion" song. But still, I wouldn't have thought I'd see anything as bad as this.

Dude, these are damn near Regretsy material!


I have something else I'd like to add, though.

Everyone seems to say UGG boots are comfortable. And I guess if all you're doing is sitting around, they are. Maybe the problem is that I don't have genuine UGGs, but the shearling boots I have give me NO arch support whatsoever. I suspect part of the deal with those who say they're comfy is they probably have bigger, wider feet than I do. Most of my fellow adults do.

I wore them last fall on hikes, and they were OK, because the flexibility let me avoid tripping on rocks better than some heavier hiking boots- I had to wear really thick socks to keep from sliding around inside them though, as they are also very wide.

It was far worse though when I tried to wear the things out shopping during the winter, with a lot of standing still looking at stuff, my feet really really hurt. I have high arches, and need a lot more support than something like this gives.

It's like the Crocs- those ghastly things are not even comfortable for me, because they are so wide they fall off, and too flimsy and flat to give me arch support. So, no, I do not own a single pair of Crocs. No point in having something both ugly AND uncomfortable.


Welcome to the Grand Re-Opening of "Kathleen Shimp Has A Fashion Blog"

By belavrana · September 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

OK, I don't know how grand it really is.

I'm not giving out any fancy gifts, and I can't offer you a glass of champagne.

There are no celebrity guests.

There's just... me... and you... and this blog.

And this:

A Polyvore set I made today in honor of Karl Lagerfeld getting the F.I.T. Visionary Award today.



And then I made another one.

It happens to be Karl Lagerfeld's birthday, today, too.

(Yeah, I'm well aware he doesn't celebrate his b-day. I know. I've read he stopped celebrating at 35. I also read that folks at the F.I.T. luncheon were specifically told not to mention it was his b-day. However, I want to mention it, for if he hadn't been born in the first place, he wouldn't be Karl, would he? Being born is a pretty important part of being human, you know. And I firmly believe, despite any evidence to the contrary, that he is human.)

As well as Fashion's Night Out. Which I'm not at, in any of the cities it's taking place in.




I don't know why embedding directly from Polyvore into the blog didn't seem to work, but I just put pics of the sets here, and the links instead.

It works.


So, yeah, there you go.

My version of a big event.

I made a post on the day I said I would, though, and that's an important step of getting back in the right direction!

Just put one foot in front of the other and repeat....

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Still still working on things... lots of things...

By belavrana · September 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

It's been one of those years...

To make a long story short, my mother has cancer- treatable and seems to be going into remission, but still cancer- and one of my uncles, one of my mom's brothers, died.

But I'm re-doing refreshing revamping things. I have to. I'm alive. My mom, thankfully is alive and should be for many more years. So, you know, I need to act like I'm still alive and actually do things.


Spending time with my cats always helps. I have my mom, and my cats.


I've certainly been thinking about fashion, and am glad that it exists, since it can help keep me from getting too depressed. Buying clothes when upset can be hazardous if you lose control and spend too much, of course.

I've definitely been wearing clothes. I still want to look good. Looking as put-together as you can, whenever you can keeps your mood from getting too low, I think.


I've decided that I'm going to do a grand re-opening of this blog on Friday.

Since I can't be at any actual Fashion's Night Out events, this is at least a fashion-related thing I can do on that day.

Stay tuned...